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OpenOffice is a complete solution for all office needs. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It includes features like a two-pane interface, templates and support for all major document formats.

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Convenient document creation
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With Openoffice, you can, without a doubt, fill your needs when dealing with all kinds of documents, be text, sheets, or more, and all for the excellent price of 0. It also has a version for all the popular SO and works with all windows versions. It also doesn’t need a powerful computer to work. Even with old computers with a low ram, old CPU, or mechanical HDD, it performs very well.
By Suarez Reeves
By Suarez ReevesNovember 12, 2021
Makes My Work Easy!
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I use OpenOffice for everything, literally! From internationalization to Productivity Enhancements, OpenOffice can handle everything. It is the best office suite software, no doubt about that.
By Joaquin Litt
By Joaquin LittSeptember 28, 2021
Excellent Performance
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Apache’s OpenOffice offers most of the frequently used functions by a business organization which many other similar platforms lack. It supports most common file formats and also offers export and import between them.
By Miranda Gavin
By Miranda GavinSeptember 20, 2021
Worth It
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OpenOffice is available on Linux and Mac OS operating systems. OpenOffice is a cross-platform software which is the best part of using OpenOffice.
By Claire Butler
By Claire ButlerSeptember 13, 2021
OpenOffice Review
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OpenOffice is loaded with rich features and I can perform all the functions with great ease. It has a stupendous UI that is equally easy to learn and use. Even beginners can easily understand the OpenOffice mechanism.
By Arthur Renner
By Arthur RennerSeptember 05, 2021
Great Tool at No Cost
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OpenOffice is open-source software that is frequently updated. It comes at absolutely zero cost. While downloading, it doesn’t use much data and space on your device. The UI can still be better.
By Autumn Williams
By Autumn WilliamsAugust 29, 2021
Needs Improvement
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The word processor does everything you could possibly need it to. My assignments often are more professional and proficient since I have started using OpenOffice. The calculator lacks advanced statistical options.
By Lauren Hudson
By Lauren HudsonAugust 22, 2021