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This disk management software (Microsoft Disk Management) is a little bit more complicated than other solutions but it also has way more features than most of them. Many customers claimed that they were at first apprehensive about using this solution, thinking it would be hard to use and master, but they proved to be mostly wrong.

Recent Microsoft Disk Management Reviews

Best Disk Management Tool
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Microsoft Disk Management has been an essential asset in my IT arsenal. It simplifies partitioning, resizing, and formatting tasks seamlessly. Its intuitive interface and compatibility with various Windows versions make it a go-to tool for managing storage efficiently. Highly recommended for both personal and professional use.
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By LeoJSeptember 19, 2023
Better than Others
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It has an excellent user interface and works well on android, iOS, Windows, etc. It has a powerful photo presentation and management facilities and also provides collaborative editing features.
By Rory Diggs

By Rory DiggsJanuary 20, 2022
Effortless Disk Management
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Though a little overpriced, it is a pretty robust disk management tool. The tool lets users of Microsoft’s desktop OS see and manage the disk drives installed on their devices. It lets you perform advanced storage tasks like initializing a new drive and extending or shrinking volumes.
By Kristi Aurin

By Kristi AurinJanuary 03, 2022
Improved my workflow a lot
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I recommend OnlyOffice because it helps you in sharing files across different platforms! It has a good interface and it helps you in managing your documents.
By Marissa Stokes

By Marissa StokesSeptember 17, 2021
Relatively easy to use
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It took me a few hours to understand it but after that I was able to manage my disks without any difficulty. I would recommend this software for people who have some basic knowledge about partitions and disk management. For beginners though it might be a bit too hard.
By William Hernandez

By William HernandezSeptember 15, 2021
Powerful software for advanced users only
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This software is really powerful and has tons of features but it’s not designed for people who don’t have any background knowledge about disk partitions. It’s definitely way too complicated to use for most beginners.
By Jennifer Patterson

By Jennifer PattersonSeptember 03, 2021
A real time-saver
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I was really tired of using disk management software that wasn’t very user friendly and took me forever to figure out. I recently discovered this software and it has made my life 100% easier. It’s easy to use and way faster than other solutions that I’ve tried before.
By Alfred Howard

By Alfred HowardAugust 28, 2021
Great for managing disks on servers
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The interface is a little bit too complicated if you are solution to manage your own disk on your personal computer, but it’s perfect for managing disks on a server. It has everything you need to manage disks on a server and is really easy to use once you understand the interface.
By James Lee

By James LeeAugust 26, 2021