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LibreOffice is a free, open source office tool which has a user-friendly interface. It supports .odb and .odt file formats and can be used to create spreadsheets, word documents etc.

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Open Source, Free, and Robust
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LibreOffice is one of the few open-source solutions that develop advanced solutions such as VBA language support. It allows many tasks to be performed natively, avoiding using an external solution and the misinterpretation that, for example, an automation system based on OCR or pattern recognition can cause. Plus, it has an excellent user interface!
By John Shields

By John ShieldsFebruary 08, 2022
Great for Hosting Remote Video Conferences
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I feel Libre Office is very similar to Microsoft Office. Libre Office includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database, and drawing tools. It is compatible with Microsoft Office, making it easy for us to merge external files in one standard format. Libre Office is more secure, reliable, and faster than Microsoft Office.
By Susan Lerry

By Susan LerryDecember 01, 2021
Compatible but missing online collaboration
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If you are a tech savvy, you can use LibreOffice is an ideal open source platform that allows you to emulate Microsoft 365 structure and features. The free version pretty much includes everything that you need; word processor, spreadsheet editor, presentation apps, and so much more. Overall, It is a great software with brilliant user interface and customer support service.
By Moira Lancie

By Moira LancieNovember 01, 2021
LibreOffice is Easy
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Easy to download and use. There is no learning curve to understand the functions of LibreOffice, everything is pretty simple and easy. The advanced features are too difficult to master, they can be understood only by experts.
By Alice Martin

By Alice MartinSeptember 15, 2021
LibreOffice for all
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I am using this software in my professional career. I find it very useful for my work and helps me save a lot of time. It has all the functions that I need to perform multiple tasks on my desktop PC.
By Anthony White

By Anthony WhiteSeptember 06, 2021
LibreOffice for everyone else
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This software is free and that’s its USP. The tool comes with a wealth of features which makes it a preferred option. One can download this software very quickly without any issues.
By Kristina Martin

By Kristina MartinnAugust 30, 2021
LibreOffice for everyone else
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The tool is fast and seamless, I don’t have to wait for the software to load or execute any task. I am a professional and use this tool in my job field as well.
By Lauren Adams

By Lauren AdamsAugust 24, 2021
LibreOffice is New and Effective
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I’m new to the office environment, so I started using this tool to get a hang of the software and I can say without any doubt that it is an effective application. It’s easy to use interface makes me want to continue working with LibreOffice.
By Alexa Harris

By Alexa HarrisAugust 13, 2021