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Keap is quite a popular solution in the market of CRM software. It is a web-based app available on all the platforms and has been designed to be one of the most secure CRM Software. Its features include invoicing, time tracking, project management, email integration etc.

Recent Keap CRM Reviews

Great Software
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Keap is fantastic because it allows me to organize my business all in one place. From prospect and client data, quotes and invoices, and historical actions. Not only that, it offers the power of automation, helping me send messages to the right person at the right time with relevant content.
By Harry Sheldon

By Harry SheldonNovember 25, 2021
Loaded with Features
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Keap CRM software is a feature-rich software that includes calendar management, campaign organizing, and enhances management and interaction with potential customers of the business. Its unique auto responding mechanism allows me to reach out to customers on weekends or when my staff is unavailable. I like Keap’s user interface and all my employees seem to enjoy using it.
By Sally Fernandez

By Sally FernandezOctober 25, 2021
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The capabilities of Keap CRM software are really benefitting for my business. I can scale automations across different channels, both online as well as offline. Apart from being a little expensive, I really like its ability to convert clients by sending targeted follow-up messages.
By Sam Malone

By Sam MaloneOctober 20, 2021
One of my favorite CRMs!
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Keap has helped our team in managing our leads and customers. It has all the features we need to streamline our project and time tracking. We can now reach out to more clients and make more sales, with Keap CRM support!
By Alexandra Gwinn

By Alexandra GwinnSeptember 17, 2021
Great Customer Service
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The customer service team at Keap is really helpful. They are always there to help us with any issues we face when using Keap CRM software. The support team also gets back to you extremely fast!
By Richard Miles

By Richard MilesSeptember 11, 2021
Easy Setup
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I have used a lot of CRM software but Keap is the easiest to setup. There were no hiccups during installation and I was able to get started with my work in no time!
By Ardell Kaye

By Ardell KayeSeptember 06, 2021
Perfect for Small Businesses
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I’d highly recommend Keap CRM to any business from a small startup to medium-sized businesses. It has everything you need for tracking and managing customers.
By  Alyssa Blackstone

By Alyssa BlackstoneAugust 20, 2021
Keeps track of contacts effectively!
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I have been using the Keap app for a few months now. They have made the interface look very easy to use and I can add new contacts or leads in no time. Their support is also great!
By Mary Lewis

By Mary LewisAugust 18, 2021