Kaspersky Antivirus Reviews


Kaspersky Antivirus is an all-in-one solution for for your computer. It’s a great program to use when you want to be sure that everything is running smoothly, and it comes with all the latest updates.

Rich featured

Rich featured
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Lot of security features are present in Kaspersky, such as Quick Scan, Deep scan, Removable Drive Scan, and real-time monitoring. Kaspersky is very lightweight software, which means not take many resources from computers. Ability to work with limited resources is another game-changing features.
By Susan Lebow

Susan LebowFebruary 02, 2022
Safe & Reliable
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I have had no troubles with Kaspersky in over ten years of use. Be its breaches of the firewall, viruses, or malware. There was no information stolen or held for ransom. It may take some time to fine-tune it to your preferences if you are a skilled computer user, but newcomers will have no trouble with its basic settings.
By Greg Maddison

Greg MaddisonDecember 17, 2021
Good Choice of Malware Protection
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We use Kaspersky as our major antivirus program, and it is used in our company to protect our computers from malware attacks, trojans, and viruses. It also provides mail encryption, which is helpful for secure communication. Overall, a good choice of malware protection!
By Anne Ruffalow

Anne RuffalowDecember 15, 2021
Love its UI
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Kaspersky antivirus software has an excellent antivirus scanner and real-time malware protection, it eliminates all of my malicious malware during testing. It is pretty effective and the user interface is also very easy to use.
By Katrina Spenders

Katrina SpendersNovember 24, 2021
Safe Platform
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Kaspersky is a high scoring computer antivirus software that keeps viruses and malicious software away. Any phishing and spoofing attempts can also be detected before time which helps me to take necessary precautions. Overall, it is a pretty intuitive antivirus software.
By Nik di Caprio

Nik di CaprioOctober 08, 2021
The new design is simplistic and really attractive
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I have used Norton for years, but I’ve been a fan of Kaspersky recently. It has finally caught up with the other antivirus software in terms of design, simplicity and usability to make it one of my favorites.
By Fred Adams

Fred AdamsSeptember 13, 2021
Best Online Security
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Kaspersky Antivirus is the best online security I’ve found. It’s easy to use, and it offers a lot of features that help keep your data safe from cyber attacks or computer viruses.
By Lili Givens

Lili GivensSeptember 09, 2021
Best Tool Under the Best Price
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Kaspersky Antivirus is the best tool under the best price. It has a great design and no intrusive ads, so it’s perfect for parents who want to protect their kids from online dangers.
By Walter Norris

Walter NorrisSeptember 08, 2021
Secure and protected
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Kaspersky Antivirus is secure and protected. I also like the way it offers parental controls, which are really useful for people who want to monitor their kids’ activity on social media.
By Aaron Gunn

Aaron GunnSeptember 07, 2021
Kaspersky offered it all!
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Our search for the best antivirus is over because Kaspersky offered it all! We tried other antiviruses, and they either didn’t work or slowed down our computers. It’s easy to use and offers a lot of useful features.
Dean White

Dean WhiteSeptember 06, 2021