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Gravit Designer is a relatively new software that was developed by Gravit Software as an alternative to Adobe Illustrator. It offers some amazing features and it’s definitely worth taking a look at. This is a HTML-based application.

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The only reasons why I am using Gravit Designer platform is because of its major vector design and editing packages. These tools are simply the best out there at the given prices. These tools offer more diversity, affordability, and excellent presentation skills in all formats.
By Volodymyr Triena

By Volodymyr TrienaMarch 14, 2021
Free Vector Tool
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One of the primary advantages is that it is free. It is cross-platform (supports Mac, Windows, Linux). The developed team is continually fixing bugs and errors. It is fantastic. From my point of view, the best vector-based illustration tool I have come across. It has an infinite canvas, an intuitive interface, and handy but straightforward tools. With this tool, you can do the same as with Adobe Illustrator, and above all, fora free.
By Luisa Kennedy

By Luisa KennedyDecember 28, 2021
AGreat for All Kinds of Tasks!
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I do a lot of different types of graphics, which is why I was looking for a simple vector design software that could help me out. Gravit Designer works great and has all the features I need for my graphics. Highly recommended!
By Fran Johnson

By Fran JohnsonSeptember 11, 2021
A Great Alternative to Adobe Illustrator!
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I used to be an avid Adobe Illustrator user, but now I also use this Gravit Designer software because it’s just as good. It has many useful features that I couldn’t find in other similar programs, and it’s definitely worth giving a try.
By Frank Edwards

By Frank EdwardsSeptember 01, 2012
Good for Beginners!
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I’m not very experienced when it comes to vector design software, so I was looking for something simple yet functional. Gravit Designer is just what I need – it has everything you could possibly need for your projects, even if you’re a beginner.
By Lily Anderson

By Lily AndersonAugust 22, 2021
Good Quality!
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Gravit Designer works great and offers some amazing features that I haven’t seen in other vector design software. I definitely recommend this program to all users, beginners and advanced designers alike!
By Lea Price

By Lea PriceAugust 11, 2021
Good for Newbies!
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There are many different vector art software programs available these days, but Gravit Designer is one of my favorite apps to use. It offers everything you need for your vector art projects, so it’s recommended for beginners and advanced users as well.
By Frank Williams

By Frank WilliamsAugust 03, 2021