Catia Reviews


Catia is a full-fledged CAD software package that has been designed and developed for professional engineers and architects. The software is powered by 3DExperience platform that offers a number of advanced features.

Catia Reviews

Delightful Performance
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In my experience, Catia has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface which allows new and less-experienced designers to get along with the CAD software in less time. Overall, Catia is a well-defined 3D modelling platform which can be pretty resourceful for engineers and designers.
By Brenda Horn

By Brenda HornFebruary 16, 2022
Professional Design Software
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Catia is a suite of tools and software that is used for computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, and engineering. It can also be used for numerical control programming for milling machines. It has better simulation features to be used in the primary automobile industry. We improve the quality of the product and reduce manufacturing time.
By Joan Russel

By Joan RusselJanuary 18, 2022
Customer Support is very nice
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I have been using Catia software for six years and know it very well. Using this software, I have also done my project, and I can say that it’s excellent at 3D modeling your design. Catia’s customer support team is also very responsive and supportive.
By Oliver Brooks

By Oliver BrooksNovember 17, 2021
Good to Go
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This software has enough capabilities to handle big files and system level CAD data for business of all types and kinds. I mostly like two things about Cartia, namely; surfacing modelling, and drawing making. However, Cartia ensured hassle-free drawing of 3D models and 2D drawing of physical components, I feel that it is placed at a higher price segment than its competitors.
By Gunther Finn

By Gunther FinnOctober 25, 2021
For professional engineers and architects
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I would recommend Catia to our team because of its great performance and design. The software offers different levels of compatibility with other CAD tools, which makes it very flexible.
By Anthony James

By Anthony JamesSeptember 15, 2021
Great feature set
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I would recommend Catia to our team because it is a reliable CAD tool with a great feature set, which offers advanced 3D modeling. This software is ideal for professional engineering.
By Michael Robinson

By Michael RobinsonSeptember 13, 2021
For product development, modeling and BOMs
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I would recommend Catia to our team because it has a reliable user interface with advanced 3D modeling tools and it includes a BOM Manager module that allows us to design products from an engineering point of view.
By William Taylor

By William TaylorSeptember 10, 2021
Great set for Beginners
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I would recommend Catia to our team because it has a great interface and feature set, which allows us to create 3D models of mechanical parts. It is also an ideal tool for beginners.
By Brian Evans

By Brian EvansSeptember 08, 2021
An impressive, powerful and user-friendly platform
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Catia is a powerful CAD tool that has a user-friendly interface and advanced features. It offers three levels of compatibility with other CAD tools which makes it very flexible.
By Carmen Moreno

By Carmen MorenoAugust 27, 2021