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Basecamp is an easy to use project management software, which has many options that could be suitable for any type of business. From file sharing to time tracking and project timelines, Basecamp offers a solution for your team needs.

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Straightforward, affordable, and Effective
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Basecamp is straightforward to use and assists you in creating several jobs and duties for team members on time. The program is sufficiently flexible to allow various methods to project management. There is no curve for steep learning. Our team may work daily, using the easy and user-friendly GUI, without being irritated by the chance of adopting an extraordinary organized approach.
By Eddie Savage

By Eddie SavageMarch 15, 2022
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With Basecamp, I can add and tag teammates for working together on tasks. In case of power failure or when the browser is closed by mistake, all the changes made and data recorded automatically gets saved as draft. It has so many facets that beginners can get confused in the beginning.
By Ernie Straight

By Ernie StraightFebruary 08, 2022
My favorite
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Basecamp makes it extremely easy to collaborate with the staff for a project. The user interface is pretty simple and convenient to navigate. It allows the admin to add multiple users and tasks to the project.
By Naoh Williams

By Naoh WilliamsSeptember 09, 2021
All round performer
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I have used Basecamp for a very long time and I use it for almost everything. It is a gun blazing with features like Time tracking, ticketing system, asset management, and so much more.
By Elizeh Pitt

By Elizeh PittSeptember 01, 2021
Love It
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The best part about basecamp is that it has all the features especially when a new project is created. It gives a clear report about employee work hours to the management. It also has a very intuitive UI.
By Wyatt Reverie

By Wyatt ReverieAugust 26, 2021
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Basecamp is a very intuitive and sophisticated platform for businesses to manage employee progress, assets, and time tracking of the project. Single vendors and small merchants that are willing to invest in Basecamp – beware, it might cost you a fortune!
By Jacob Plunkett

By Jacob PlunkettAugust 14, 2021
Upgradation required
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Basecamp is using a very outdated version of the management software. It was last updated about 6 months ago. The outdated version lacks compatibility with the latest iOS. Otherwise, it has crafty features that help in the optimal management of resources.
By Brooklyn Rock

By Brooklyn RockAugust 04, 2021